Dog Obedience 102 New!!  New!!     ( distraction proofing for your dog!  not a beginner level class)

This course is for dogs who behave great at home but seem to go deaf once they leave their house and yard.  Most owners say "my dog is great as long as there are no distractions"! This course is for dogs usually over one year old, that can perform Sit, Stay, Come and Loose leash walking when handler has cookies. This class is NOT  for resource guarding dogs as motivators are heavily used and NOT for fearful, anxious or antisocial dogs. The dog must have a motivator (food, toys, praise, play)  By adding distractions and practicing commands off leash your dog will improve self control and responsiveness. The goal is to have the dog focus more often and reliably on the handler.   Part III of this class will be held outdoors in the early spring.

Town of Cary (indoors)             Wednesdays      8:00- 9:00 p.m.    6 week class starts    June 6th        $149 

Register at: Town of Cary Parks and Recreation    (No class July 4th)  Class code: 

City of Raleigh (indoors)           Tuesdays          8:00 - 9:00 p.m.    5 week class starts   June 12th       $149 
Register at: Town of Raleigh Park and Recreation    Class code: 

​​​​​​​​​​​Public Manners

DOGS MUST WALK DAILY!!!! Did you know that dogs NEED to walk; it is really important for their psychological well being.  Running around in the yard is not enough! Every dog should have a 30-60 minute controlled walk every day. This one change in your daily routine can totally modify your dogs behavior at home and create a much more mellow home environment for the whole family. Does your dog listen well at home and even in your yard but does not hear you in public? Does your dog pull on his leash or lunge at other dogs?? Attend any five sessions that work for you for our PUBLIC MANNERS class where we meet in local parks out in public around real life distractions. Attend the 75-90 minute classes where we will work on Sit, Down, Stay, 'sit to be greeted' and polite walking around people, dogs, bikes, kids, skateboards, cars, joggers, hamburger wrappers, SQUIRRELS and such! Jump in and join us any time! We meet every weekend. Attend any 5 classes for $100. Classes meet at the NC Art Museum off Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh and an email is sent each Thursday to announce that week’s day and time. This class is excellent for shy dogs that walk well on a leash as this activity can really help build their self-confidence. As well, this class is great for those dogs that get a little rowdy in public and need to learn more self-control. It takes a real commitment to your relationship with your dog to achieve reliability under a wide variety of conditions. 

​​​​​​​​​Town of Cary (indoors)    Wednesdays  7:00- 8:00  6 week class starts     June 6th       $149 

Register at: Town of Cary Parks and Recreation  (No class July 4th)  Class code:     


Town of Apex  (outdoors)  Saturday 10:00-11:00   6 week class starts      June 2nd      $149

Register at: Town of Apex Park, Recreation and Cultural Arts   Class code: 

City of Raleigh (indoors)  Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00    5 week class starts        May  8th        $149 

Register at: Town of Raleigh Park and Recreation     Class code: 

​Dog ​Obedience 101

In this class we will teach you the importance of your role as leader and teach your dog the ability to have self control. These two things together will allow your pup to learn to sit, down, leave it, come, stay and to walk on a loose leash without pulling. In addition your dog will learn to wait at doorways, and sit for supper. Learning the proper body language and communicating clearly with your dog is also a focus. The result will be improved behavior in public as well as at home and a closer bond between you and your dog. This course is for dogs older than 3 months.

​​​​NC Museum of ART (outdoors) on weekends.  2:15 - 3:30 Sundays 

   5 weeks  $100 or pay as you go for $25 per session

Join us at any point in time and attend at YOUR convenience! It is a "come when you can class"

Call or email to register for this class: 919-414-6181 or

​​​​​​​​​​​​Class Schedule and Class Descriptions

​​​​Raleigh, NC Museum of ART (outdoors) on weekends.  

   Sundays,   1:00 - 2:00 (until it gets hot again)  4 week class.  Join anytime.

   Call or email to register for this class: 919-414-6181 or

 Loose Leash walking class New!!  New!!     

This class is limited to 4 dogs per session so there can be plenty of time for personal assistance.  Learn how to get your dog's focus, how to best handle the leash and the dog, how to stop your dog from lunging and pulling.  This class includes one free day in the Public Manners walking class (see below).

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